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just a quickie

October 18, 2008

Hey there, this is just a quick post to let you all know that I’m still around and that I haven’t forgotten about you.

I’ve had kind of a rough week on the family health front, so I haven’t been in much of a headspace to post. However, things are starting to look up, so I’m going to be making myself get back into my routines again.

I have several posts planned, and there will be a review coming up at some point…so stay tuned!!

(Forgive any oddness about this post; I’m writing it in a restaurant on lunch break)

Lochai Directing for!

August 22, 2008

(crossposted verbatim from Catalina Loves. Click link for original post)

Lochai “working” at

SAN FRANCISCO (August 22, 2008) – Award-winning fine art bondage photographer Lochai will take over from Matt Williams as director of’s, the company announced today.

“Hogtied was our first site and we still consider it our flagship,” said founder and CEO Peter Acworth. “We’re very pleased to bring Lochai on to continue the Hogtied tradition. He’s one of the best-known bondage riggers around and for years he’s been out there in the community, both as a photographer and as an educator. Most importantly, he really gets what’s fun and beautiful and hot about women in bondage – he understands the esthetic. I’m very much looking forward to working with him.”

Lochai’s inaugural update on is a sizzling 56-minute scene with 22-year-old Virginian beauty Isobel Wren. Shot when Lochai was auditioning for his new role, the scene currently headlines the site, In it, Wren is placed in Lochai’s trademark Japanese-influenced rope bondage and subjected to a stunning number of screaming orgasms, including a copious squirt. Throughout, Lochai’s sardonic humor tempers the intense bondage and stimulation.

Said Lochai:

“Everything that’s done in any of the sites is real, so it’s not like I’m acting a part. I’m actually being myself. I’m sarcastic, I’m a smart ass, I laugh during scenes and I also console when someone’s upset. I’m going to be doing my real play, my real life, within the walls of the Armory, because that’s what’s expected by the customers — and that’s what’s expected by I’m going to be super comfortable there, because I feel like I’m home.”

An award winning photographer whose work appears in galleries as well as in publications like The British Journal of Photography, Secret, Skin Two, Bizarre, and in his own fine art books, Lochai is equally well known as a bondage educator, teaching classes at conferences around the United States and doing public scenes in nightclubs and at fetish events. A founding director of the Photo Artisans Guild (PAG), in West Palm Beach Florida, he was also the co-founder and co-curator of the Traveling Erotic Art Show, which spent two years touring the United States. He also moderates a group on BDSM social networking site FetLife, CommUNITY Building, that seeks to build BDSM and alternative sexuality leadership skills.

Lochai takes over from longtime director Matt Williams, who began directing the site in 2003. Williams was recently promoted to’s Creative Director, and will be guiding creative development on new sites as well as’s existing sites. “I’m looking forward to helping with the overall creative level,” said Williams. “I’m going to work with existing sites and new sites both, developing the look and feel, and sharing fantasies that I have in my head — I have great ideas for each one of our sites.”

Williams will continue to direct unscripted girl-girl erotic wrestling site, which he calls “my little baby.” “I’m going to hang on to that – I have some great ideas for the future.”

Lochai expressed his excitement about his new role.

“Every person who’s ever sat down in front of me in a classroom, or who has surrounded me out in a club to watch what I’m doing, has wanted this job. They want to get paid to tie up beautiful women and get them off – and that’s my job. It’s a wonderful feeling, and an affirmation that my kink pays off.”

A longtime Florida resident, Lochai will be relocating in September to the San Francisco area. He says he’ll continue his work teaching bondage and SM lifestyle classes, both at the half-dozen conferences he traditionally attends annually, and in the San Francisco area.

For more information about Lochai, visit his site or email the Public Relations Manager at Webmasters interested in promoting content, including, please visit or email the affiliate manager at

ABOUT HOGTIED.COM: Hogtied was the first site in the network, directed by founder Peter Acworth from 1997 until Matt Williams took over in 2003. Updated every Tuesday, offers members more than 15,000 streaming minutes and more than 84,000 photos in over 400 episodes that feature beautiful women subjected to sexual rope bondage, erotic punishment, and repeated orgasms.

ABOUT KINK.COM: San Francisco erotica studio provides authentic fetish entertainment that seeks to demystify alternative sexualities and inspire sexual adventurers. Since the launch of its first site,, in 1997, has developed a network of premium adult sites that now operate from studios in the San Francisco Armory, a decommissioned National Guard facility with sets ranging from stark dungeons to luxurious pieds-à-terre. also operates a free documentary site at and the leading fetish affiliate network,

Hot Naked Blog Boy Roundup!

August 15, 2008

The event you’ve all been waiting for!

The first of the Nekkid Blog Boy Roundup posts over on Pornocracy.

Check out the fun, and let’s encourage all of the blogger gentlemen out there to participate. ;)

Interesting Exercise Routine

August 3, 2008

So SC left me some of her floggers to practice with. Yes, it may be a little geeky to actually practice with ’em, but then I’m a geek so it works out.

I ended up leaning an office chair against the kitchen counter to get a more natural angle. I started out with the biggest one and moved to the smallest, just like I did on CK. The larger flogger I had to concentrate more on keeping it moving and untangled; control rather than speed. The smallest one I could use far more speed, and could get more force behind it.

I worked on figuring out how to strike with different parts of the flogger (tip vs longer length of strand), how striking from the wrist differs from putting your arm and shoulder behind it, and played with different patterns of movement. It wasn’t as fun as playing with the boy, and I didn’t get any actual feedback as to how it felt, but from a technical standpoint I think it was helpful.

I learned that it’s actually a pretty good arm workout. I may have to learn to use my left hand just to keep things even. *grin* I still want to play with singletails, and I want to get a nice riding crop. I’m getting the idea that I’m going to be spending a lot of money on toys…*sigh*