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DIY flogger!

August 7, 2008

So as I stated in an earlier post, I’m going to be trying to make a few of my toys rather than spending a gigantic amount of cash. Some things I know I’m simply going to have to buy, but others…

Between using SC’s little suede-lace cat as a reference and reading up on a few things on the wonderful intarnetz, I was able to make a cat of my own. I took ten suede laces, folded them in half and passed them through a copper ring. After I arranged them as neatly as they were going to get, I used electrical tape to tightly bind the strands together. I taped them tightly enough it made a nice dense handle that’s slightly flexible, but not very. Then I used super-thin hemp cording and wound it around the electrical tape, covering it for aesthetic reasons and giving it a better grip. I think it turned out pretty well, actually. The lacing was cheap (though if I’d bought it in bulk it probably would have been cheaper; I didn’t have the self-control to wait, though. ;)), and the cost for the tiny amount of electrical tape and hemp is negligible. I’m now wondering if there’s a way to soften up the laces, and wondering if I actually want to soften them. This little toy seems like it’ll have a good sting behind it.

All in all a successful experiment, I think…and I think I may be experimenting more along these lines.

Pics, Finally

August 2, 2008

So, as promised, a couple of pictures from the scene I wrote up in the last post. There’s only a few, for a few reasons. First, I was a little busy at the time and didn’t want to stop and take photos. ;) Second, it’s a camera phone, and while it happens to be a decent one, some of the shots didn’t come out very well. Third, in cropping for anonymity, at least one of the shots would have simply not ended up looking good.

So, please enjoy the ones I do have.

The first shot is of CK in the hogtie and cuffs. Sorry ladies, yes, he did keep his pants on. I think he was wary of my newbieness and the possibility of stray shots to tender areas. ;) The wrist cuffs he’s wearing are his; the ankles are my little velcro beginner cuffs. The weird light is from a little light-up toy SC brought; it’s plastic, pointy, and can be used for a very light cane-like effect.

This one is a shot of his back after the leather floggers (but before the harsher stuff SC demonstrated). I like how you can see the streaks from individual strands.

From one of our silly moments: Pointy things can be fun. Yes, that is a smiley face. We also played tic-tac-toe elsewhere on his back, but I didn’t get a shot of that (keep in mind, this was simply a non-sharp pointy plastic thing…no bottoms were harmed in the making of this post. Cuttings aren’t for a 101 class. That’s for later. ;)).

It was a good, informative, just plain fun night. It wasn’t a hardcore intensive scene, but I think it was a good one nonetheless.

Free bonus picture:

My cat apparently likes the dragon’s tongue. He couldn’t leave it alone…

Topping for Dummies

July 31, 2008

So I got my lesson this evening, and y’know what? That was a lot of fun.

Simply because I am a newbie and I knew my aim would be crap, we agreed that there would be no singletails. I did, however, enjoy the hell out of using some floggers, as you’ll see in this pic to the left.

Looking at them and hefting them, I knew the blue one would be the least intense. It’s soft, but can still sting. I really figured the heavy thick leather one (the one in the top in the pic) would be the most intense. Instead, it turned out to be the smallish one in the middle that made the most marks (and got the most growly noises out of the boy ;)).

I’m pretty wiped out and I have to work early in the morning, so there’ll be more of a post tomorrow. Just figured I’d get a little semi-post up for now. I’m also going to see if the boy minds me posting a picture or two I took (even though they don’t show his face, there’s no way I’m posting them without his okay).

So I’m off to bed, relaxed and happy. More tomorrow.

July 20, 2008

The boy did indeed have fun. It was apparently a mellow party and would have been ideal for a newbie. Grrr. I hate working on the weekends…

He graciously said I could share the picture to the left. He had some quality time with a single-tail… That was taken a couple of hours after the party, and some of the marks have faded by now.


July 18, 2008
(easily recognizable tattoo inexpertly covered by good ol’ MSpaint. *beam*)

I apparently bruise easily when bitten. This is a pain in my metaphorical ass.

Shoulders, back, back of the neck, legs, belly, all of these places are fine and I don’t care if I bruise. I actually like having them as a reminder of a fun time. When bruises happen on forearms and such, it’s a little tougher. When you can’t discuss your extracurricular activities with co-workers and some friends, how the hell do you explain the damn things?? *grin*

I’ve read good things about arnica as a bruise healer, so I picked up some ‘Arnicare Gel’. It’s kind of hard to tell if it’s working, though. Maybe I’ll get the boy to bite me twice, side by side; I’ll use the gel on one bruise and not on the other. ;) Gotta have a control in any good scientific experiment!

Any other suggestions for quicker bruise healing would be appreciated. :)