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No Ass Shot This Week HNT!

October 9, 2008

So instead of ass, there will be boobies. 

This is a pleather bustier I got from Torrid a few years back. I dig it. ;) 

This shot is far less careful than most shots I’ve done so far for HNT. Instead of being focused on a small area, it shows stretchmarks and belly and arms and such…but it also shows boobies. Therefore…all is well. 

Also featured in this picture are some now-greenish remainders of some lovely bite-bruises on the soft curve of one breast and on my belly just beneath the bustier.  I debated showing those because I wasn’t sure how most HNT viewers would react…then I really thought about it. My conclusion? If they don’t like it, there’s plenty more bare flesh out there to look at. I’m doing this for me, not for them…and I enjoy my bruises. ;)

As for the pictures hinted at in the post from Sunday, you’ll just have to wait. I don’t have my paws on ’em yet. But soon…

Impromptu Playparty! (part one)

October 5, 2008

The playparty I went to in August was put on by a group in a city a few hours away from where I live. One of the young men that was there (we’ll call him DB) that evening came down to visit SC and FM, and it was decided that there would be an impromptu play night. 

There’s a gentleman here in town that has a wonderful dungeon setup in his home, and he graciously allowed us use of it.  When we got there, there were three male subs, SC, and me.  I was a little apprehensive, because I’d only played in public once before, and I have so far been a bit of a lightweight when topping (publicly or privately). I’ve been mildly worried that I wasn’t cut out for it…

Well, I’m no longer worried. I think I held my own relatively well. *grin* I used some of my own toys and some of SC’s as well, starting with my homemade vampire glove…this seems to be a great starting toy. It sensitized the hell out of DB’s skin, which made everything else ever so much fun.  Between SC and myself, DB got topped for about four hours. The boy’s a tank. He got flogged, whipped (I got to use a dragon’s tongue for the first time), scratched, bitten, clamped (the metal clips from the dollar store run got some use), caned, and spanked…and had no complaints. 

Remember my blog post about the first play party, and how I said I really wanted an evil stick? Well, I got to use one, and I reaaally want one now.  Other toys I saw that I lust after: stocks, a bondage chair with metal shackles, and a paddle with the word ‘slut’ written in reverse on the face. Hit somebody just right, and the word imprints itself on the body part whacked. More about that on HNT. ;)

I also got to play with my newfound rope addiction, making cuffs and a body harness for FM, who kept laughing and saying it was scary how fast I was picking things up. CK got there a little later, but wasn’t really in the right headspace to actually play.  I think he still had fun watching for the rest of the evening after we shackled him into the chair. ;)

On a silly note, while DB was shackled and I was beating the hell out of him, I leaned over his shoulder, bit him, and said “Cake or death?”.  He started laughing and responded properly: “Cake, please!”  Me: “Well, we’re out of cake!” Him: “So my choice is ‘or death’?”. You have to love an Eddie Izzard fan, and throughout the evening the references kept coming. *grin*

For your visual pleasure, an ass ravaged by the evil stick (posted with DB’s permission): 

And yeah, the evil stick stings…a lot. More about that on HNT as well. ;)

The night was great fun. Hopefully there’ll be more fun in the future. 

Thoughts About Submission

August 31, 2008

Before I started researching BDSM and talking to more people in the lifestyle, I used to refer to some of my moods as ‘dominant’ and ‘submissive’. After the research, I actually amended that. I really tend to be more ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ than ‘dom’ or ‘sub’. I can be dominant or submissive for a period of time, but I’m not either on a permanent basis.

Last night CK and I had a playdate. Any play we’ve done before has been almost impromptu, short, and not extremely intense. This was a full-blown planned and anticipated scene as opposed to the casual nature of our other playtimes. The anticipation, I found, really put me in an interesting frame of mind. It seemed to do the same for him, if I were to judge by the intensity of the scene.

He called me before he came over to talk about dinner plans, and then he says, “I think I’m going to put a gag on you tonight.”. I think I actually paused before answering “Oo-kay.”. The idea seemed kind of out of the blue, and I’ve never worn a gag (or even really thought about it) before. He followed up with, “What do you think about that? Is that all right?”. I replied with, “I’ll try anything once.” and then we talked about other things.

When he came over, we ate dinner and talked, and then playtime started. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a dozen times before, CK bites. He was in more of a biting mood than usual and he was much more physical about it than usual, grabbing me and restraining me with hands and body while he sank his teeth into my back, my shoulders, and my neck. I was already breathless by the time he moved me where he wanted me. He pulled a bit gag out of his bag and asked me again if I was okay with it. I nodded, but I was oddly hesitant. I really don’t know why I was hesitant about it…it was strange. I agreed to try it, though. He turned me around and fitted the gag in my mouth, buckling it under my hair. While I was facing away from him, he ran a hand over my back and then bit me again, hard. I could still make as much noise as I wanted, but couldn’t articulate.

CK stripped me down to my underwear, had me lean against the counter, and raked his nails over my back several times (that always makes me shiver). He then turned me around and asked if I was still okay. I nodded slowly. At this point he just stared at me for a moment, stroking my hair, and I stared back. I was almost trembling, and we hadn’t even really started yet. He jokingly bemoaned the fact that his camera batteries were dead, because (and I quote) “You look really hot in that.”. He turned me back around and started grabbing floggers out of my bag.

Right then, I really felt more vulnerable than I have in a long time. My hands and feet were free, I wasn’t restrained in any way other than by CK telling me where to put my feet and hands. Standing there nearly naked, gagged, skin already tingling from the marks of nails and teeth, I felt exposed, vulnerable, and I enjoyed every second of it.

The flogging itself I won’t go into a play-by-play on for the simple reason that it would get dull fast. I will say that the rope flogger I made with the three knots on each strand? When used with force, it leaves a gathering of welts that turns into a gathering of tiny bruises. It’s harsh. That one, the bootlace flogger, and the large red and black ones are the ones that made me squeal and writhe the most. CK likes the heaviness of the red and black one, while I like the sharp sting of the bootlace. After a while, he removed the gag; he didn’t want it to get too uncomfortable my first time wearing it.

Finally he stopped a little abruptly, changed the tone of the music (he’d set up a soundtrack; heavier music for the scene itself and quieter music for cooling down), and lightly started stroking my back. When it got through my somewhat fuddled mind that we were done, I protested lightly “We’re done? Aw…” and “I could go longer…”, but didn’t push it when he drew me over to the couch to sit.

See, a while back, I told CK I wanted to take baby steps, and asked him to keep an eye on me to make sure I didn’t go too far too fast and do anything stupid. I apparently jumped in a way that made him really look closely at me, and he decided I’d had enough. He was right, I’m sure, but at that moment he could have suggested damn near anything and I would have agreed. “Wanna try flesh hook suspension with dinner forks?” “Oh sure! sounds like fun!!”. *snicker* So yeah, it’s good to have someone that’s actually keeping a watch. I’d lost track of time, it seems. I thought it had been maybe fifteen minutes, and it had been nearly an hour.

Now, coming back to the title of the post. When CK has topped me in the past (either the two mini-scenes or the many times we’d just played around with teeth and nails and flesh), I never really felt truly submissive. Bottom-y, yes, but not really submissive. If someone bites me on the back of the neck or tugs my hair just right, it puts me in a somewhat submissive mood, but that only goes so far. When he put that bit in my mouth and buckled it tight, it put me straight into a very submissive headspace. Even though my hands were free, I would never have thought about removing it unless I had permission to do so. It was a strange and almost scary feeling, and it took me a while thinking about it afterward to process.

I ultimately concluded that I liked the feeling, that headspace, at least tentatively. ;) It’s something I’m curious about exploring in the future. I’m also wondering if that was a one-time thing or if being gagged like that will always put me into that submissive space.

CK had fun too; he’s normally the one doing the bottoming, and these playtimes give him a chance to let out his top/sadistic side. I think he’s enjoying exploring that side of himself.

In any case…it was amazingly fun, I’m amazingly sore, and I have some amazingly cool bitemarks. If I can get the boy back over before they fade, I’ll try to get some pics. They’re not in spots that I can photograph successfully.

Anybody else have odd triggers like that, or notice a difference between bottom-space and subspace? Am I overthinking things (because I do tend to do that)? Anybody want to massage a sore back and ass? ;)


August 19, 2008

Did I mention the boy bites? Deep, strong bites. On me, when it starts to bruise this quickly, it’s gonna be around for a while. It hurt like a motherfucker…and it felt so good.

Today it’s sore. Every time I flex my shoulder and back muscles just right, I can feel the deeper bites like muscles sore from exercise. And I even enjoy this soreness.

When he bites, CK tends to hold me so I can’t move. Last night I let myself struggle a little bit; not enough that I was going to actually break away, but enough that he had to work a bit to hold on. The struggle wasn’t a complaint. I sometimes just like to test the strength of whatever (in this case, whomever) is restraining me. I could tell from the boy’s reactions that he liked that small bit of resistance. I think it surprised him (both that I liked to struggle and that he enjoyed it as well)…surprised me a bit too.

I thought both reactions were interesting…and now I’m curious. That’s how things always start…

How the Other Half Lives

August 6, 2008

This is going up on my Fetlife journal as well.

Last night, I got my first real flogging…and I still haven’t completely wrapped my head around it. Not in a bad way, mind you. There was just a lot to process and I’m still working on that.

CK came over and I cooked dinner. We do this once or twice a week, and it often leads to snuggling. Last night I happened to have the toys SC graciously let me borrow out on the counter, and the boy grabbed the big deerskin one and playfully tapped me on the backside with it. I grinned and said “After dinner.”

So, after dinner, we ended up snuggling as is the norm; we started playing around a bit, biting and scratching (also the norm) a little. Finally he ended up biting me on the back of the neck (very, very hard), which throws me extremely quickly into a very bottomy mood (I hesitate to use the word submissive, though that may actually be closer.). And then he made me…

…a milkshake. ;) No, that’s not where it ends, but the timing was amusing. *grin* We enjoyed the shakes while we talked a little about topping and bottoming and what we wanted out of each…then once we both knew what page we were on, he stood me up and started in.

I leaned up against the counter in a similar position to the one CK had been in when I topped him. He grabbed the large, soft deerskin flogger first, and started lightly on my back. Very soft feeling, that one…like the brush of a hand. When using anything other than just the tips of the lashes, this one was much more of a thud. I started to relax under the softness of the blows, and then they started to vary in location (back, ass and thighs rather than just my back)and strength. He landed a few just at the end that were much harder and nearly felt like a thumping fist.

Then he switched to the mid-sized one, the bullhide. _That_ one stung. ;) It could also slap, and CK again varied his blows to show me the difference in the sensations. While the deerskin one felt interesting, I enjoyed the bullhide more; it was harsher. He was also able to put a little more muscle behind this one, I think.

Then he switched to the smallest one, the little suede-lace cat that I enjoyed using on him so much…and wow. I understand why he was twitching and growling more with the little one than the larger ones. This one _stung_, and it was _amazingly_ pleasant. He worked with this one for a while, then said he was going to switch back to the deerskin as a closer.

Y’know what? On warm, tingling skin that’s been worked over a little with some nice stingy toys, that soft deerskin flogger has a little more impact. ;) He also had me change position a bit to get to my ass and thighs a bit more easily, and I think I jumped at least once when the strands wrapped to my inner thigh (wasn’t a bad jump, mind ya).

Once we were done, we cuddled on the couch (I found myself in an _incredibly_ snuggly mood after). It had only been a short period of time (maybe fifteen minutes or so?), but I was pretty surprised at how I felt. It wasn’t a full-fledged floaty high like I’ve heard a lot of bottoms talk about, but it definitely had the edges of it, and it was a _lot_ of fun . I got petted and snuggled and we talked about what we each got out of the experience, and what we wanted to do next time (he’s already started planning…this should be fun *grin*).

Today, I found myself thinking about the scene often during the workday. My back is unmarked other than a couple of bites and one nail-mark from where I was scratched (I also have bite-bruises on the back of my neck and both arms, all pleasantly sore. Did I mention the boy bites?), but I still remember the feeling of super-sensitized skin after playtime was over. I can see how someone could get hooked on this feeling…

CK and I are looking for different things when we play, and also different things depending on what role we happen to be taking. It’s an interesting dynamic, and one I for one am going to enjoy exploring.

So there you are. Another first. I still want to try a singletail (both ends of it!), but I’m trying to take babysteps. ;)

Again, too tired to really write..

August 6, 2008

But sometimes you just have to share (or maybe it’s brag, I’m not sure which).

I blogged last week about giving my first real flogging…if I can wrap my brain around it, tomorrow night I’ll be posting about receiving my first real flogging. *nod* Same boy, just a change in mood for both of us.

No arguments here…

Pics, Finally

August 2, 2008

So, as promised, a couple of pictures from the scene I wrote up in the last post. There’s only a few, for a few reasons. First, I was a little busy at the time and didn’t want to stop and take photos. ;) Second, it’s a camera phone, and while it happens to be a decent one, some of the shots didn’t come out very well. Third, in cropping for anonymity, at least one of the shots would have simply not ended up looking good.

So, please enjoy the ones I do have.

The first shot is of CK in the hogtie and cuffs. Sorry ladies, yes, he did keep his pants on. I think he was wary of my newbieness and the possibility of stray shots to tender areas. ;) The wrist cuffs he’s wearing are his; the ankles are my little velcro beginner cuffs. The weird light is from a little light-up toy SC brought; it’s plastic, pointy, and can be used for a very light cane-like effect.

This one is a shot of his back after the leather floggers (but before the harsher stuff SC demonstrated). I like how you can see the streaks from individual strands.

From one of our silly moments: Pointy things can be fun. Yes, that is a smiley face. We also played tic-tac-toe elsewhere on his back, but I didn’t get a shot of that (keep in mind, this was simply a non-sharp pointy plastic thing…no bottoms were harmed in the making of this post. Cuttings aren’t for a 101 class. That’s for later. ;)).

It was a good, informative, just plain fun night. It wasn’t a hardcore intensive scene, but I think it was a good one nonetheless.

Free bonus picture:

My cat apparently likes the dragon’s tongue. He couldn’t leave it alone…

July 20, 2008

The boy did indeed have fun. It was apparently a mellow party and would have been ideal for a newbie. Grrr. I hate working on the weekends…

He graciously said I could share the picture to the left. He had some quality time with a single-tail… That was taken a couple of hours after the party, and some of the marks have faded by now.


July 18, 2008
(easily recognizable tattoo inexpertly covered by good ol’ MSpaint. *beam*)

I apparently bruise easily when bitten. This is a pain in my metaphorical ass.

Shoulders, back, back of the neck, legs, belly, all of these places are fine and I don’t care if I bruise. I actually like having them as a reminder of a fun time. When bruises happen on forearms and such, it’s a little tougher. When you can’t discuss your extracurricular activities with co-workers and some friends, how the hell do you explain the damn things?? *grin*

I’ve read good things about arnica as a bruise healer, so I picked up some ‘Arnicare Gel’. It’s kind of hard to tell if it’s working, though. Maybe I’ll get the boy to bite me twice, side by side; I’ll use the gel on one bruise and not on the other. ;) Gotta have a control in any good scientific experiment!

Any other suggestions for quicker bruise healing would be appreciated. :)