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Blog Prompt-Bondage

July 25, 2008

I’m trying to keep this blog free of everyday things (I have another, non-anonymous blog for that), but I do want to write more than just occasionally. Therefore, I either write about everyday things or I get ideas from other blogs/networking sites. I’m choosing the latter.

This one’s from a ‘blog prompt’ group on

1. Yummy rope…or leather or chains…what’s your kink? Talk to me about being bound, about tying someone up, or seeing someone else tied up.

2. Do you like to struggle, or to surrender? Both? Why?

3. What are your thoughts when you realize you can’t get free?

1. Rope (especially shibari) can be beautiful to look at. I don’t know if I have the talent (or the patience!) for good shibari, but I do enjoy watching other people work. Leather has a nice feel on the skin, and is somehow comforting. Chains are aesthetically pleasing.

I have rarely been restrained, but the times I have been I’ve enjoyed it. I haven’t really tied anyone up for nefarious purposes, though I have buckled someone into a set of cuffs and a collar before (just for trying-on purposes, alas)…I rather enjoyed that too. ;)

2. I’m voting for both. Struggling is fun; I like testing the bonds and feeling the pressure on ankles and wrists. Unfortunately, my particular set of cuffs is a beginner’s velcro set (go ahead and laugh…;)) and I feel like I can’t really struggle as much as I may want to.

Surrendering has its merits too. Simply handing over control is…I hesitate to say ‘freeing’, because that’s not really it. Comfortable is close, but still isn’t quite right. I can’t really think of a correct word for the feeling. I’ll think about it and get back to you.

3. Here’s the thing. With the cuffs I have, I can get free at any time I choose, and I know that; therefore, I really can’t answer this one properly here. I don’t know how I’d feel about it, to be honest. I may enjoy it, I may panic… I suppose I’ll find out at some point.

Anyone who happens to read this, feel free to answer for yourselves in the comments.