No Ass Shot This Week HNT!

So instead of ass, there will be boobies. 

This is a pleather bustier I got from Torrid a few years back. I dig it. ;) 

This shot is far less careful than most shots I’ve done so far for HNT. Instead of being focused on a small area, it shows stretchmarks and belly and arms and such…but it also shows boobies. Therefore…all is well. 

Also featured in this picture are some now-greenish remainders of some lovely bite-bruises on the soft curve of one breast and on my belly just beneath the bustier.  I debated showing those because I wasn’t sure how most HNT viewers would react…then I really thought about it. My conclusion? If they don’t like it, there’s plenty more bare flesh out there to look at. I’m doing this for me, not for them…and I enjoy my bruises. ;)

As for the pictures hinted at in the post from Sunday, you’ll just have to wait. I don’t have my paws on ’em yet. But soon…

11 Responses to “No Ass Shot This Week HNT!”

  1. Ang Says:

    bite marks… mmm….

    Apparently I left some bite marks on Hub2’s wife recently… the picture is rather lovely, just like this one.

  2. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    Cleavage, bruises, and strokeable skin … I am in heaven!

    xx Dee

  3. An Artist Exposed Says:

    I loved the ghosts of the bites…. Great pic. HHNT!

  4. Lilly Says:

    Ouchie, does it hurt still?

    Pleather huh? lol
    Last time I had something pleather…man did my skin sweat in it.

    That thing looks really good on you! Never got anything from Torrid, perhaps I’ll take another look.

  5. PantheraPardus Says:

    ang: I like having ’em. :) I actively miss ’em when they’re gone. If hers were half as fun to come by as mine…;)

    Dee: I have lots of all three! *giggle*

    Artist: They’re at a pretty stage, I think. Thank you. :)

    lilly: For the most part, nope. Press on ’em a bit and you can tell they’re there, though. The pleather is lined, which is nice…and Torrid’s changed their format quite a bit since I bought that. Not sure what-all they have now.

    And for all of you: HHNT. Thanks for the compliments. :)

  6. Nolens Volens Says:

    Hmm. I wandered over because you agreed with my comment on This Could Be Dangerous’ latest HNT post. I like what you’ve done here so I’ll be visiting more often. :) HHNT!

  7. longingsend Says:

    A fantastic HNT! Love the fading bruises.

    xoxoxo mina

  8. Anonymous Says:

    wow! no ass but one amazing cleavage!!! this is wonderful!

  9. Nadia Says:

    I totally get the bruise thing. :-) I treasure mine.

  10. Jackie Adshead Says:

    Nice pics, including the bruises!

    Let me know if you want to participate in my Fantasy Fanny paintings too……email me and we’ll discuss it…

  11. Elle Says:

    “but it also shows boobies. Therefore…all is well.” *grin* I agree!

    I’m full of bruises, too, but not the same kind… Mine are cuz I’m clumsy and I bruise easy lol Not as sexy…

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