Impromptu Playparty! (part one)

The playparty I went to in August was put on by a group in a city a few hours away from where I live. One of the young men that was there (we’ll call him DB) that evening came down to visit SC and FM, and it was decided that there would be an impromptu play night. 

There’s a gentleman here in town that has a wonderful dungeon setup in his home, and he graciously allowed us use of it.  When we got there, there were three male subs, SC, and me.  I was a little apprehensive, because I’d only played in public once before, and I have so far been a bit of a lightweight when topping (publicly or privately). I’ve been mildly worried that I wasn’t cut out for it…

Well, I’m no longer worried. I think I held my own relatively well. *grin* I used some of my own toys and some of SC’s as well, starting with my homemade vampire glove…this seems to be a great starting toy. It sensitized the hell out of DB’s skin, which made everything else ever so much fun.  Between SC and myself, DB got topped for about four hours. The boy’s a tank. He got flogged, whipped (I got to use a dragon’s tongue for the first time), scratched, bitten, clamped (the metal clips from the dollar store run got some use), caned, and spanked…and had no complaints. 

Remember my blog post about the first play party, and how I said I really wanted an evil stick? Well, I got to use one, and I reaaally want one now.  Other toys I saw that I lust after: stocks, a bondage chair with metal shackles, and a paddle with the word ‘slut’ written in reverse on the face. Hit somebody just right, and the word imprints itself on the body part whacked. More about that on HNT. ;)

I also got to play with my newfound rope addiction, making cuffs and a body harness for FM, who kept laughing and saying it was scary how fast I was picking things up. CK got there a little later, but wasn’t really in the right headspace to actually play.  I think he still had fun watching for the rest of the evening after we shackled him into the chair. ;)

On a silly note, while DB was shackled and I was beating the hell out of him, I leaned over his shoulder, bit him, and said “Cake or death?”.  He started laughing and responded properly: “Cake, please!”  Me: “Well, we’re out of cake!” Him: “So my choice is ‘or death’?”. You have to love an Eddie Izzard fan, and throughout the evening the references kept coming. *grin*

For your visual pleasure, an ass ravaged by the evil stick (posted with DB’s permission): 

And yeah, the evil stick stings…a lot. More about that on HNT as well. ;)

The night was great fun. Hopefully there’ll be more fun in the future. 

5 Responses to “Impromptu Playparty! (part one)”

  1. longingsend Says:

    Sounds like a fantastic time! Thanks for sharing the pic! And Eddie is the BOMB! LOL Love that snippet.

    xoxoxo mina

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great butt view!

  3. PantheraPardus Says:

    @mina: It was way too much fun. :) There’ll be more pics later.

    @anon: Thanks. ;) I’m finding it an amusing avocation, taking pictures of lovely young men’s bums. *grin*

  4. The Mysterious FM Says:

    Consider me a commenter finally! But that was a night worth commenting on. Great night! Thanks for the rope work. You have nice rope and do nice work!

  5. PantheraPardus Says:

    FM: Yay! Nice to see ya on here. It really was a fun night, and thank you guys for bringing me along.

    You’re welcome for the rope work, even though it turned into a bit of predicament bondage when sitting. *grin* You earned it for the “She’s really pale! She’ll mark great!” comment.

    The hemp’s going to do better for the harnessing, I think; it doesn’t loosen up when it gets warm like some of the synthetics do.

    Oh, and can ya send me the pics from that night? I think that was your camera…

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