Blue Days Can Kiss My Ass HNT.

I had kind of a down day today. There’s no real reason for it; it’s most likely related to exhaustion and work-stress, and it will pass soon enough.

However, I almost skipped the HNT today because I wasn’t feeling terribly sexy. I’m still not, but I’m not gonna let a dip in the old self-esteem kick me today.

So, without further ado, welcome to Blue Days Can Kiss My Ass HNT:

Red and black flogger, lace underwear, one well-curved hip. The knickers (stealing a word from Curvaceous Dee. ;)) are somewhat new. I normally don’t buy sexy clothing of any sort because I simply don’t think I look good in it, but I made an exception for these (I have a black pair, too) because they were just too pretty. I rarely wear them because I don’t think I do them justice.

My skin is far too pale and I always hesitate to show too much of it, but it contrasts interestingly with the red and black (two of my favorite colors) of the flogger. The rolls of flesh at my side are something I try desperately to hide with any clothing I wear; however, they’re part of what makes me warm, soft, and (I’d think, at least) nice to cuddle.

Here’s the crazy part: Looking at others, I really enjoy large women and find them very attractive. The rolls and curves that I think are sensual and attractive on other women, I’m shy about showing myself. It doesn’t make any damn sense. I’m determined to get over this, and you guys are just gonna have to deal with being subjected to it. ;)

6 Responses to “Blue Days Can Kiss My Ass HNT.”

  1. vanimp Says:

    Hehe “knickers” must be a kiwi term :D I say it “panties” sound weird to me

    I glow in the dark and oi! … white is the new tan, revel in your glowiness in the dark, I know I do

    If we looked like stick insects what would they have to cuddle hmmm?

    mwah hunni xxx *squishy huggles* HHNT!

  2. Lilly Says:

    I think you definitely do them justice!! Thats a gorgeous flogger too.

    I’m pale, alot of my skin doesn’t see the light of day….the glare off of my legs particularly is blinding, ha.


  3. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    There is nothing about your picture that I don’t love – your knickers, your flogger, your skin, your cuddliness. Gorgeous!

    xx Dee

  4. PantheraPardus Says:

    vanimp: glow in the dark indeed…I usually have to take several pics before I find one that I’m not reflecting the flash too badly. *grin* I rather like being pale, and I tend to wear a lot of black to accentuate it. And I rather like being cuddly, too. *returns squishy huggles*

    lilly: Yeah, I work in retail…the only reason my arms are a normal human skin tone is because they’re tanned from me moving furniture in mid-summer. *grin*

    Dee: *pounces and snuggles* You just want a flogger test. ;) And let me tell you, it has a bite to it…*purr*

    And ladies: Thank you all for the lovely words. I love the blogosphere…where else on the internet can a girl post half-nekkid pictures and get pleasant, non-creepy compliments?? really?

  5. Gabe Says:

    My skin is far too pale

    You know, I understand each of the words there, but when put together it just makes no sense to me. What is this “too pale” of which you speak?

    Anywho, you’re lovely, and I’m glad you’re working on seeing the sexy in you that you can see in others. It’s work I have to do as well.

  6. efa-sp Says:

    ohhh my! amazing curves!!! i hope see more!

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