Photoshoot Pics

Not of me. ;) CK requested a photoshoot; I think as much to impress a girl as anything else. *grin* I obliged, because I enjoy photography quite a bit, and it’s just fun to get the boy nearly naked and in cuffs, chains, and/or rope.

So, I figured I’d post a few of them. The ones I’m posting don’t show enough of his face for you to be able to pick him out of a crowd, and that’s as much to keep me from being outed as him. I really don’t think he’d care if I posted the ones with his face in ’em, but it’s one of those things. Anonymity and privacy are big things for me.

On to the pics!

These two turned out very well. I like both versions, but I think I’m tending toward liking the warmth of the color version best. The black and white is rather artistic, though.
He’s got a pair of leather wrist cuffs that he finds very comfortable, but he doesn’t have an ankle set. The boy needs to pick some up. The shibari was an experiment, and too much fun to tie.

He just looks really good in the shot on the left. And as for the right, I love a hogtie. :)

There’s lots of pics I unfortunately can’t share unless I crop out his head or blur his face; either way it’d be a shame. So right now, these are going to be it. There’ll probably be another shoot in the future, and I’ll share others then.

Enjoy, people. ;)

2 Responses to “Photoshoot Pics”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Wow great job!!! And that is one tasty looking boy….

  2. PantheraPardus Says:

    The boy being tasty I can’t take credit for, but for the photos I can. ;) Thankies.

    I’m hoping we can do this again soon…I keep getting ideas. Muahahaha.

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