Why Do We Do It?

This post is in response to a suggestion made by Curvaceous Dee in her post ‘Rebuttal‘.

In the post, she explains why she shares the most intimate details of her sexuality in her blog. It’s good stuff, give it a read. In the comments, she suggests making it a meme and following her lead. So, here it is. :)

I explained a little of the why in an earlier post, but I’ll elaborate a little.

While I suppose I’m considered a sex/lifestyle blogger, my posts tend to be rather more on the technical side than the erotic. The subject may be erotic, but as of yet I haven’t posted anything extremely titillating (other than photos of lovely marks on a nice strong back; those were pretty hot, I’ll admit). Part of the reason for that is that the point to starting this blog was for introspective purposes; an examination of myself and my experiences. I’m still very much in the process of learning about the kinky side of myself, figuring out what I actually like, don’t like, what my limits and needs are. Hence the technical, learning style of writing I’ve used so far. The other part is that I’m still a bit self-conscious, but that’s slowly but surely fading. As I evolve, the blog will as well. Stay tuned.

Another reason for writing about these intimate things for all to see: networking, learning, and someday helping others. I’m a newbie to the BDSM scene; I do have real-life friends that have been there for years. However, knowledge is power, and I want to learn from a variety of people about a variety of things. Feedback is good. And at some point there’ll be someone else that’s learning and searching that stumbles onto this blog, and hopefully my introspection and the interactions that happen here can help them in their own quest.

So that’s why I do this in a nutshell.

Anybody else?


2 Responses to “Why Do We Do It?”

  1. Curvaceous Dee Says:

    I find your introspection – and your technicality – interesting stuff. I wasn’t sex blogging when I was a poly and kink newbie, and so I’m finding your journey a fascinating read. Plus, you write well – and that makes a big difference as to whether I’ll continue to read or not!

    Your self-consciousness will lessen in time, I think. And hopefully the community/network of sex bloggers and kinksters will help you on your journey :)

    I’m really glad you ran with this. I’ll be interested to see if anyone else does it.

    xx Dee

  2. PantheraPardus Says:

    I take that as high praise. *bow* Thank you.

    The community is helping immensely, actually. I’ve communicated with/read the thoughts of so many people from so many walks of life doing so many different things. Some of those things are things I like or am curious about, and some are things that are simply not up my alley but I appreciate learning more about anyway.

    The basis of all of this for me: Knowledge is power. The more I know, the more I get to explore.

    And the more you guys get to read about. ;)

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