Topping for Dummies

So I got my lesson this evening, and y’know what? That was a lot of fun.

Simply because I am a newbie and I knew my aim would be crap, we agreed that there would be no singletails. I did, however, enjoy the hell out of using some floggers, as you’ll see in this pic to the left.

Looking at them and hefting them, I knew the blue one would be the least intense. It’s soft, but can still sting. I really figured the heavy thick leather one (the one in the top in the pic) would be the most intense. Instead, it turned out to be the smallish one in the middle that made the most marks (and got the most growly noises out of the boy ;)).

I’m pretty wiped out and I have to work early in the morning, so there’ll be more of a post tomorrow. Just figured I’d get a little semi-post up for now. I’m also going to see if the boy minds me posting a picture or two I took (even though they don’t show his face, there’s no way I’m posting them without his okay).

So I’m off to bed, relaxed and happy. More tomorrow.


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