Okay, so not like deadly sin-level envy…just a little pouty envy. ;)

There’s a play-party tonight in a town a few hours away. I’m working. I’m quite sad and will have to live vicariously through the boy (the boy saw my references to him, and when asked how he wanted to be referred to, said ”the boy’ is fine.’, so I’m running with it) , who is going. I’m eventually going to make it to one of these things…

Me, I’ll be at work, dealing with the public and forcing a smile. Grrr.

I do admit to being nervous (though very, very intrigued) at the prospect of attending a play-party for the first time. Partially it’s because I’d feel like a stranger in a strange land; the newbie in a group of people who know each other quite well. Another part is the sheer fact that I have no idea what to expect. However: nervousness was made to be gotten over. One of these months I’ll get to an event. *nods*


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