The Story So Far

So far, my travels in the less vanilla world have been quite tame and quite few. Before recently (recently being the past few months), my experiences have mostly amounted to some light bondage with starter velcro cuffs, a lot of conversations with people in the BDSM scene (a good friend of mine has been in the lifestyle for many years), and being allowed to watch a scene or two (I’m very much the voyeur. ;)). I have a small rubber flogger, but until recently it hadn’t actually been used on or by me other than as a light tease, strands running across skin.

My experiences with pain have always been as a spice for sex. Biting and scratching, and me being the one doing most of that; a rare rough grab that would leave bruises on an arm or a leg. I assumed that that was the extent of my enjoyment of pain, but in the past few months I’ve realized that I was wrong. While I enjoyed the mild pain during sex, the sex wasn’t what made it enjoyable…I’ve discovered that I really enjoy pain.

Now, this isn’t to say that if I stub my toe I’m gonna go all gooey and happy. Nope. That shit hurts. But a good hard bite administered in the right place with the right timing? Oh yeah. That little rubber flogger wielded hard enough to sting? Very nice. A handful of hair tugged just right? Makes me crazy.

I’m still kind of coming to terms with that fact. For some reason I always saw enjoying a little pain during sex as “normal” (normal in quotes, because frankly I’ve never been quite normal. ;)). Enjoying pain for the sake of the pain? I really didn’t think that was my thing. Turns out I was wrong. Who knew?

Eventually I’m going to calm down on all the ‘intro posts’, but I’d rather do several subject-specific intros than one gigantic one that nobody’s going to end up finishing. *grin* Besides, the several-post beginning lets me get my thoughts together before each one.

Next: a minor Dramatis Personae.


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